3 Things to Know About Renting a Luxury Restroom for Your Special Event

26 January 2018
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If you want to put on a classy special event, but you need to bring in additional toilets, you don't have to settle for your typical portable toilets. Instead, you can rent luxury restrooms that have private doors that lock, running water, mirrors, interior lighting, as well as heating and air conditioning. Luxury bathroom rentals can be as nice as the bathroom in your home, or even nice. They are designed to provide you with comfortable, clean and classy additional restrooms for your event.

Number of Stalls Depends on Guest Count & Length of Event

When it comes to the number of stalls that you should rent, it really depends on the guest count as well as the length of your event. Most special events, like wedding and graduation parties, do not last longer than six hours with the guest list at full capacity, which is the time frame many portable restroom companies will use when figuring out how many stalls you need for you event.

For a smaller event, with less than two hundred people, just two stalls is all you should need to take care of everyone's bathroom needs. For a larger event, such as one that would have more like seven or eight hundred people attending, you would want around seven or eight stalls. Generally, you want one stall for every hundred people attending the event.

Footprint for Luxury Bathrooms Is Larger

When renting a luxury bathroom, make sure that you have adequate space for it. A luxury portable bathroom is going to have a lot larger footprint in comparison to a regular portable bathroom. The exact dimensions can vary, so check with the company you want to rent from. You are going to need more like a trailer size amount of space for a luxury portable bathroom, so make sure that you have a large open space, with a cement base, to put the portable luxury bathroom you want to rent.

Need Access to Electricity & Water

For a luxury bathroom to work, you need to have access to a power outlet as well as a garden hose. Luxury bathrooms require the use of electricity to keep the lights and running water going, and require access to a reserve of water to fill up their holding tanks in order to provide you with clean water to wash your hands with.

If you don't have access to electricity, a generator can be set-up to handle that need. If you don't have access to running water, the water for hand washing at your event will be limited of water that can fit into the holding tank. Contact services like Govanngo to learn about how they provide access to electricity or water.